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In the circle of numerous fortune-tellers I am perhaps just another one who offers his services, writes about fortune telling throughout generations and about ten or twenty-year experience of fortune telling. I feel very awkward to do so, I would like to underline the fact that my ten or twenty-year professional experience is testified.

I have got written references from the companies I worked and I am still working for as far as fortune telling services are concerned. I am the only fortune telling gentleman, who has constantly been working at personal, answered at home, number 700 since 1999. I am a guest in radio interviews. I am invited to the programmes on the topic of fortune-telling. I tell about historical curiosities relating to fortune telling and fortune tellers that can be searched for on the Internet in vain.

For years I have been putting advertisements by name concerning fortune telling services in esoteric press: „Gwiazdy Mówią” (The Stars Speak), „Wróżka” (The Fortune Teller), „Nieznany Świat” (The Unknown World) and other magazines.

Moreover, what I appreciate most of all, is the trust and liking of my personal and telephone Patrons who recommend my services vouching for them with their own surname. I am cordially grateful for that. I realize in full the importance of trust that each person contacting me puts in my services – especially the people caring for their anonymity. I promise that I will not let anybody of you down.

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